September 24, 2017

Advertising Associations and Journals

The field of advertising has a variety of membership associations and journals. Many have student chapters, as well as professional levels, and it is a great idea to join. Dues for students are usually much lower than for professional members, so consider joining more than one, and then you can decide which memberships you want to keep after graduation. There really is no better way to stay current on the trends, events, and news of the field. Many of these associations also offer awards for advertising work, so that can be a big benefit for you personally or for your agency. Most anyone in advertising jobs can join a professional group.

The benefits of joining a professional association as a student or a professional include:

  • It is easier to stay current on happenings and trends in the field.
  • You get the chance to network with others who share your enthusiasm for advertising.
  • Many associations sponsor scholarships and fellowships for student members. You might qualify for one, so check your association’s website.
  • Membership in a professional organization is a plus on your resume. It shows your seriousness for the profession.
  • Most associations have online job boards for their members. You can search among jobs that are only in your field and usually you can post your resume for other members to see. This is one of the best sources of advertising jobs.
  • Once you have graduated, associations may be a good resource for insurance, investment, and other support.
  • Attending a professional conference can be the highlight of your year.
  • Access to seminars, online courses, and accreditation processes can help you with continuing education and advancing your career.

Here is a list of advertising associations for you to consider. Most of them also publish journals, so those are listed as well.

  • Advertising Age. Premier magazine for the advertising field has a daily news feed, columns, podcasts, and articles, databases of information and academic reports.
  • National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Provides both individual and institutional membership levels, has an accreditation process for art schools, and an annual meeting.
  • American Association of Advertising Agencies. Has seminars, daily news items, and listings of agencies. The Association is for agency members, but has information about agencies and news.
  • American Institute of Graphic Arts. Has chapters around the United States, including student chapters, provides online galleries, collections and articles, an annual conference, and a job board.
  • Marketing Research Association. Has an annual conference, monthly magazine and e-newsletters, has chapters across the country, and provides scholarships.
  • Advertising Research Foundation. Publishes Journal of Advertising Research, daily news feeds, and white papers.
  • American Advertising Federation. The oldest national advertising trade association provides individual, student, and agency memberships, honors ADDY award winners, and the ADAMERICA yearly conference, has a daily news feed, a daily e-newsletter, and a job board.