September 24, 2017

Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising Jobs

Advertising jobs are some of the most exciting, but also the most stressful, jobs available. Like most jobs, there are both advantages and disadvantages of employment in the field of advertising. You have to decide if you are ready for the advantages and can handle the disadvantages. Some factors that one person might consider a disadvantage can be an advantage for someone else. For example, an advertising job may require substantial amounts of travel, which could be appealing to someone who loves to see new places, but a disadvantage to someone with a family. Here are some advantages and disadvantages you can consider when deciding if the advertising field is right for you.


Advertising jobs have one big advantage over most other jobs, including other jobs in the field of communications: Advertising jobs pay well. A person starting an entry-level job in an advertising agency in New York may earn up to $60,000 a year. The starting salary is likely to be lower in the rest of the country; expect about $40,000 in Philadelphia or Chicago. Another advantage is the ability to advance quickly. As you gain more experience with smaller clients, you can advance to handling more clients or those with larger accounts. Many in the field of advertising receive bonuses based on the effectiveness of their campaigns or the number of accounts they handle.

A person in advertising can often see their work recognized and praised while they’re quite young, and new in their career. If your creativity produces an outstanding ad, your name will be known outside of your current agency. In other professions, people often work years before even having a chance of name recognition.

Advertising is a field that allows full rein to a person’s creativity, which is one of the maing attractions of the field for many people. Being allowed to use your creativity to influence the thinking and habits of others, promote products for companies, and produce successful campaigns is gratifying. You also work with other creative people, which can make the workday interesting and enjoyable. Most advertising work is done in teams, so you have other people to depend on and draw ideas and experience from.

Advertising jobs usually required a person to complete many different tasks, in several different areas, every day. Advertising professionals work with different clients who have a variety of needs and may even work in different places over the course of a week. The variety adds excitement to the career and the fast-paced environment appeals to many people. It is definitely not a career that the cliche “same old same old” would apply to.

The field of advertising is changing rapidly, with the use of social media, Internet marketing, and other new technologies that come along. You will know and understand the newest technology before most of the world has an inkling of its usefulness.


Many of the advantages that we mentioned above have a corresponding disadvantage. The pay for the advertising field is high, but you will face keen competition to find a job and keep it or advance to higher jobs. This competition increases as you are promoted to more senior positions.

The fast-paced environment also means tight deadlines, which can cause a lot of stress. You will likely work many evenings, weekends, and holidays to finish and produce a campaign or set of ads. Long hours at work are stressful on personal time and family life. Today’s technological environment means that we are always connected and always available. If your client decides he/she wants changes, you have to be flexible and available to handle those concerns, regardless of what your plans might be at the time.

Your creativity is a valuable asset to an advertising career, but in the end, what the client wants is what you will have to do. Many times, your ideas will be rejected and you must change a campaign to go in the direction of the client’s plans, even if you don’t think that is the best direction. Since most work is done in teams, you can face conflict and controversy among the members of the team. Your work may be recognized, but it also may become just a part of the concept developed and produced by the team, with little personal commendation.

Travel might be required to meet with a client and that can mean even more hours on the job. For some, the frequent travel is a huge disadvantage.

You must stay current to be successful. New communications technologies and forums impact advertising and you must know how to use them to stay ahead of your competition.

Advertising can be greatly impacted by economic conditions. When the economy slows, advertising dollars are often the first that are cut from company budgets. This can cause a vigorous up-and-down job market for those in advertising.

If you want to be successful in the field of advertising, you have to decide if the advantages sufficiently outweigh the disadvantages. If you answer yes, an advertising job may be the right fit for you.