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In a dictionary published in the 1960s, the word advertise is defined as “calling the public’s attention to something by printed notice or broadcast.” This definition held true at the time, but in today’s world, advertising is a much bigger field. Technological advances have changed the advertising industry to such an extent that the average person sees, hears, or reads hundreds of advertisements each day.

The successful advertiser must learn how to use creativity and technology to bring about the desired result: the purchase of a company’s product or service.

That is the mission for those in advertising jobs.

There is confusion about the difference between advertising and marketing. They are quite different, but complementary. While advertising is the promotion, description, and presentation of a product with the goal of inducing people to buy, marketing is the entire process of introducing products or services to the marketplace. Advertising is getting the word out and marketing is the interaction of advertising, defining target markets, choosing the right logo, and determining strategies to increase results, which might include such things as discounts and giveaways. Advertising is a huge part of the marketing process. Without a good advertising campaign, marketing is doomed.

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